Aurifil, Variegated Large Spool — Berrylicious


This cotton thread is ideal for cross stitch, hand piecing, lace, machine appliqué, machine embroidery, machine piecing, machine quilting, and long arm quilting.

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Cross stitch
This thin thread is very versatile and is used singly, doubled or tripled depending on the effect required. Perfect for precise work on fine fabric in 1 strand (miniature work).

Hand Piecing
Our customers love this weight for Hand Piecing.

40wt is great for Bobbin Lace & Machine lace projects.

Machine Appliqué
Suitable for almost all machine appliqué techniques including raw edge appliqué with a straight stitch, small zig zag, blind hemming stitch, blanket stitch and buttonhole stitches.

Machine Embroidery
40wt is the most popular machine embroidery thread weight .

Machine Piecing
40wt gives a perfect result with a nice flat seam.

Machine Quilting
Perfect for quilting when you want to create texture, and also when you want to create a quilted motif that stands out a bit more. Use 40wt or 50 wt of the same color in the bobbin. Use a Sharp/Microtex quilting or even denim needles 80/12.

Longarm Quilting
Great for all long arm quilting, edge to edge, pantographs, custom quilting, needle (3.5, 4.0), pair with 50W bobbin thread . Fine enough for ditch stitching and has sufficient presence to give good results for general quilting with motifs

Color: Berrylicious, Variegated
Includes: 1 spool, each 1421 yards
Weight: 40 Wt
Materials: 100% Cotton



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